2nd chance financing
2nd chance financing is usually offered by big financial management companies who manage large multiple risksinvestment wallets. In the province of Quebec, the main company in this domain is Trans-Canada Credit. This type of financing may include certain non negociatable clauses but may be sometimes the alternative of financing to your convenience. 2nd chance financing offers you the possibility to buy only a car of a recent year (2004 +). It must have less than 100 000 km. So, with 2nd chance financing, you cannot buy exactly the car that you want, since there are specific conditions to respect.

2nd chance financing conditions:
To obtain 2nd chance financing, you must also have acceptable credit. Compatively to auto financing with banks, 2nd chance is more souple concerning past credit problems. Si you have gone through bankruptcy and are liberated from it, 2nd chance financing may be accessible to you. If you are not liberated from it, it's impossible to get 2nd chance financing. If you've had late payments on past purchases, again, 2nd chance financing is more leanient and will usually permit access to credit. To get this type of financing, you must be 24 years old or more. You must also occupy the same job since the last 2 years. Other conditions are on a "per case" basis and correspond to certain ratios of your credit file. These ratios require less than when getting auto financing with the banks. To see merchants offering 2nd chance financing

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