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Choose Full Coverage 
Offered through our partnership with select insurance providers, this protection against mechanical breakdown is designed to safeguard you from the unexpected expense of sudden repairs. Vehicles are complicated machines, and with constant advances in technology, it is practically inevitable that your vehicle will experience mechanical breakdowns during its lifespan. 

When you select our full-coverage plan, you’ll receive superior protection against mechanical failure, comparable to the vehicle manufacturer’s full warranty. All vehicle components are covered, aside from the parts found on the exclusion list. You can continue to enjoy complete peace of mind while you drive your vehicle for several years and protection for your investment. 

Why is an Extended Warranty a Logical Choice? 
Complete Coverage- Our Elite and Extra Programs for new and used vehicles offer a variety of plan choices. Choose the plan that is right for you. When combined with the manufacturer’s extended powertrain warranty you’ll receive superior protection at a better price.  
Reduced Deductible- Your deductible may be discounted by $50 when you return to your selling dealership for an eligible repair. *Applicable to certain programs 
Transferability- If you choose to sell your vehicle privately, any unused coverage or service is transferrable to the purchaser, potentially increasing the resale value of your vehicle.  
Full Eligibility- Coverage is available for most vehicle makes and models with up to 200,000 km on the odometer, or up to 13 years of age.  
Excellent Underwriting- This extended warranty is underwritten by our vetted and approved insurance partners, who are leading providers of insurance and warranties. Their wide range of plans, terms, and benefits ensures that your vehicle is in good hands. 
Additional Benefits- In addition to offering exceptional coverage and protection for your vehicle, our extended warranties also offer a host of additional benefits, including roadside assistance.   
For a complete list of exclusions, please consult the extended warranty policy. 
Certain conditions apply. To learn more about exclusions and restrictions, please see the extended warranty/policy. 
Available only for certain protection programs and certain terms. 
Basic Warranty
All vehicles less than 5 years old and with less than 80,000 km are covered by our performance guarantee. This warranty is in effect upon delivery and covers the parts and labour necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle. The full coverage offered by this mandatory warranty ensures a guarantee of proper functioning. To learn more: Warranty of Fitness 

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